October 18, 2005

Birthday Babies

Where has the time gone?! Five years ago today Charis Noelle was born, and two years ago today Arden Daniel joined our family. I can hardly believe that I really don't have a "baby" anymore! Arden is most definitely a little boy now, running, jumping, talking, coloring, puzzling (he's been doing 25-piece puzzles lately!), singing the ABC song, counting to 13 (skipping 5 usually)--hardly baby activities!

And Charis is quite the little lady. Even though she was sad that today wasn't her princess party (that will come later this month), she still wanted to dress the part. I let her wear her crown with play clothes to our play group get-together this morning...we took cupcakes and had a mini-celebration there. Though she had quite the pout session this morning when she realized that TODAY was not actually the party day, she seemed appeased when everyone sang to her and Arden before devouring the cupcakes. We worked on stamping and coloring her party invitations this afternoon and will deliver them tomorrow.

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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Charis and Arden!