December 04, 2016

Slices of Life

Rhema finally started walking on her own around 15 months of age. Before she was steady on her feet, we brought this little toy in from the garage so she could push it around and gain confidence. For some unknown reason, she really took to giving potatoes rides on the seat.

For real...this is what I look like many of our homeschool days...t-shirt, comfy pants (that may or may not match), and glasses instead of contacts. 

I can't remember why Seanin was having a meltdown moment, but clearly Daddy is not terribly sympathetic!

Whose brilliant idea was it to give the baby rice?! But I love how these grains give her a fang-like appearance!

Seanin proudly came downstairs one Sunday morning and said, "Mom, it's a church day! I dressed myself!" And I happily let him wear this fashionable combo to church.

To make myself feel better about the other photo, here's MY church morning selfie taken a few days after a much-needed haircut.

After reading in history about ancient Egypt, Lucan spent a morning making a pyramid and "an ancient Egyptian house." The coins figured into his historical scenario, too, but I can't remember exactly how...

After one of our consultations at the university medical center, I stopped by this crisis pregnancy center to deliver some donations and chat with one of the volunteers.

We took the younger kids to the Halloween party on base, meeting Ted at the club for a free dinner, games, and of course way too much candy.

This girl loves her mashed potatoes! See them on her nose?!

"Mom, take a picture of me and my towers!"

What?! Arden is taller than I am?!

And Tobin is, too! It's a race for the two of them to see who can catch up to Dad now!

Kenna is quite the capable big sis these days!

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