July 13, 2015

Kenna Turns 8!

Another highlight from February was Kenna's 8th birthday! She wanted a Frozen birthday party (not surprising), so we obliged with a gorgeous cake by our friend Titti and games like "Pin the carrot nose on Olaf" and "Make your own Olaf" (racing to unroll a roll of toilet paper around a volunteer "snowman"). Kenna enjoyed having a number of her friends attend the party at our house, and later that evening we had our family gift-giving time, with her present from Mom and Dad being a dirndl from Germany that we had purchased when we were there earlier in the month. We got it a little big, so hopefully she can wear it for a few years, at least!

Beautiful, silly, fun friends!

Happy birthday to our girl!!

Crocheted mermaid doll from Charis

Loom knitting book from the brothers

She loved the dirndl that Charis and our friend Shauna picked out in Garmisch!

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