July 17, 2015

End of March 2015 Highlights

So I've already posted a couple of March highlights...the ones with lots of pictures, lol. We finished the month with Lucan's 6th birthday and a PWOC ladies' retreat in Formia, Italy. I know I have more pictures of both of these events, but I think they are still on my phone, which is upstairs...and since I am writing this 2 days after giving birth, I am not inclined to run upstairs and get the phone at this point! But I am motivated to catch up on blogging so I can be sure to chronicle our recent highlights!! And if you are on Facebook, you will have already seen what we've been up to, anyway, but meanwhile...I have to keep plugging away here, because I prefer to organize things chronologically!

We had a simple party for Lucan at one of the playgrounds at the Support Site, inviting friends to join us for play time and a picnic lunch. We brought cupcakes and ice cream sandwiches to share. Since Lucan's actual birthday was the day that Charis and I left with the PWOC ladies for our weekend retreat, we had our family celebration the evening before. Ted met us at the playground and we swapped vehicles and kids, and Charis and I enjoyed two nights away with both old and new friends in a gorgeous hotel in Formia.

Happy 6th Birthday, Lucan!

That's Charis running along the rocks!

Carla and I roomed together, and our three daughters had a room together as well. What a fun time! Our speaker was so very good...each session was just wonderful. She spoke on various women in the Bible and was just so passionate about God's Word, it was infectious. We enjoyed small group times as well as wonderful meals and time to visit. The weather was beautiful, and the whole experience was a blessing. It was hard to believe that it was a year ago at our last ladies' retreat when we heard the awful news that Chaplain Keith had suddenly passed away...

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