November 09, 2013

Rome Adventure, Part 4

Columbus Day morning we cleaned our way out of the bungalows and said goodbye to the L family.

Then we headed downtown one last time so we could spend the morning touring St. Peter's in the Vatican City. The line looked daunting but actually moved quite rapidly; I think it took only 20 minutes or so before we made it to the security checkpoint. Ted stayed outside with Seanin in the stroller, not wanting to deal with the stroller and various baby accessories in the huge crowds.  It probably wouldn't have been too bad...aside from the steps to get up INTO the cathedral area, it was open enough that I think we could have managed.  Ah, well, it's a free place to visit, and I'm sure we'll be back with other family members!

There were throngs of people there. I can only imagine how crowded it is on a weekend or during the height of tourist season. I was so very thankful that we didn't have little ones to keep track of; Kenna did a good job of staying with us, despite her refusal to hold someone's hand the whole time. ("Little Miss Independent!")

Sooooo incredible to see Michelangelo's Pieta...

The rest of the cathedral was stunning as well. The natural light is so beautiful, and everything is so large and open. It's quite a different feel from the gothic architecture of Notre Dame, whose grandeur I loved during our visit to Paris in April. We only toured the main cathedral area, though the thought of climbing the dome was tempting! We also passed on going down to the crypt area--lots more crowds, plus Ted was waiting for us outside.

We decided to call it a day and head home. At one point we had thought we might have time to make a stop along the way to see another place we've been wanting to visit, but in the end we pressed on home and arrived hungry and ready for the frozen gnocchi packs from our freezer that were ready for me to heat up in the skillet!

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