December 08, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was belated, but we did have a Thanksgiving feast!  We invited our friends Geoff and Carla K and their family to come on Sunday evening after Thanksgiving for a joint dinner.  Since the K family had just moved into their own home (FINALLY!) two days before, it worked out very well for them to leave the stress of unpacking and get away for a sit-down dinner!  The Ks have 4 girls and a little boy, Caleb, who is 2.  The girls are Emily (13), Braidyn (10), Sasha (8), and Hope (5).  Kenna and Hope are fast friends, and Charis adores spending time with any of the K girls!  She has taught a couple of them to knit, and they have joined her in her crafting passion.  We are delighted that the K's house is about two minutes away from us!  Though we aren't in the same parco, it is so nice to be able to carpool and know that we have Christian friends so close.

Here are a few pics from our dinner together, the "buffet" line, the "grown-up table," and the "kids' table."

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