December 08, 2012

Cute Cut

A few weeks ago we had a mobile hairstylist come to our house to do our hair!  I met Danny on the "Living Abroad in Naples" Facebook page, and after reading his profile and recommendations from others, decided it would be SO worth it to have him come to our house rather than trying to figure out how to schedule appointments for the girls and myself, all of whom were in desperate need of a cut!

Charis and I kept most of our length, but Danny gave us some great layers--love the new cuts!  I don't have pictures of our hair specifically, but if you're looking for that sort of thing, you can probably tell just by seeing our pics from Capri.

I did take pictures of Kenna's new 'do, though, since she got a more drastic change.  During the summer (before our move), she had allowed Lucan to cut her hair...sigh.  The result was what looked like longish bangs and actually wasn't so bad as to require immediate intervention.  In the busyness of the move, hair care got pushed waaaaaaay aside.  We talked about getting her hair cut to the length of the shorter layers, and she was excited to do so.  We are pleased with the results!

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