August 25, 2012

Homeschoolers in Naples!

Wednesday evening was the kickoff meeting for the Naples Christian Homeschoolers group.  I was so thankful that we arrived in time for me to attend!  There were maybe 20 or so women there, all in various stages of motherhood and homeschooling efforts.  Some have homeschooled for the duration of their children's schooling, and some have done a mix of public, private, international, and home schooling.  The women in charge of the group are wonderful!  So real and transparent.  I know I can learn a lot from all of the women there, and I look forward to the friendships that not only I will make over the next few years, but also our children and my husband!  I have been praying for Christian fellowship, for godly, like-minded families with whom we can share life and be a blessing to even as we are blessed.  God is so faithful!

We don't know yet what our housing situation will be (more on that in a different post), so we haven't committed to a whole lot yet; the DoD school (Dept. of Defense--the school on base) is very welcoming to homeschool families and allows us to access their library resources as well as participate in any classes we want.  Of course, if it were up to Charis, she would join the "group time" classes (music, art, PE, and host nation)...which would mean going to the school building every. single. day, since the electives are on a two-day schedule.  Same time each day:  2 days of music, 2 days of art, 2 days of PE, 2 days of host nation (Italian language, culture, etc.).  It sounds great...IF we lived on base, and IF I wouldn't have to sign them in and out myself!  But I can't imagine walking to and from the school every day with all 6 children!

I think we'll be content with using the library resources and participating in some of the special events!

The NCH meeting was wonderful for helping me get started with connections.  A new friend, Hannah, was able to come babysit the children yesterday so Ted and I could attend the first day of Area Orientation.  (More on that in a later post.)  And another friend...whom I haven't actually met in person coming to pick the kids and me up in about a half hour to take to her house so we can visit and play and basically escape the monotony of this 2-bedroom apartment!!

All my friends who have been overseas who have raved about the close community feeling...are right!  We already feel so welcome and are more eager than anxious to continue our connections and build relationships.  The children are doing quite well, all things considered, and are excited about meeting new friends.  The family we'll visit today has 5 children--2 boys ages 10 and 6 and 3 girls, ages 12, 9, and 3.

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