April 26, 2012

Finally...A Writing Assignment

I was in desperate need of a nap yesterday, so after the kids were done with their lunches, I gave orders for the school kids to watch two short DVDs from the library (bios of Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver) and then write a paragraph about what they learned about one of the men.  Here is Arden's unedited paragraph, which makes me giggle as much as it shows me what we need to work on!

"thomas edison was a very great inventer.  He invented many machines like movies iron ore sorter etc.  He also had a not so big problem, a hearing problem.  As I say a not so big problem, it was'nt a problem at all.  he couldn't hear but that made him concentrate.  also He hired george carver, a black man.  both of them were great inventors, one made food and one made machines."

[I know Arden knows basic capitalization rules...since he printed his assignment, I think his lack of correct capitalization reflects more on his handwriting habits than anything, but there it is!]


Megan R said...

I suddenly feel a little better! LOL

Beverly said...

Gee, thanks! ;-P

Megan R said...

Well, you've seen my panicked, "My kid's writing assignments look nothing like the super-duper-lengthy examples in the IGs!!!" posts on FB. It's nice to see an example of another real-life elementary-age kid's writing, and be relieved that mine isn't the only 8-year-old not writing like Mark Twain or Charles Dickens.

Arden is a way-better speller than my 8-year-old, btw. :-)

Andrea said...

Hey, I'm really impressed he got etc. correct. I've seen way too many adults put ect. over the years!