April 10, 2012

A Day in the Life--Tuesday

Up bright and early today...heard a child coughing at 3:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep, so I did some work in the kitchen for awhile before making some coffee.  But not just any coffee...Anchor Bay Roasts coffee!  I just have one cup, so I use my cute little French press.  Real cream from real cows and local raw honey make it extra yummy.

It's Tuesday, Bible study day, and I have one more day of homework that I need to finish.  So, after the coffee is ready, I sit on my comfy bed and work.  I keep my planner with me for those wandering "Oh yeah, I need to..." thoughts.

After showering it's time to wake up my little honey bear to nurse.  It still amazes me that I have to wake Zaden up for his breakfast every day!  After he's finished, it's time to make breakfast for the rest of the crew and herd us out the door to church.  We zip along, amazingly leaving the house a bit early.  Good thing, because there's a detour and we have to go out of our way to get there!

These lovely ladies are at my table!  Jackie, the lady to the right of me, is our table leader, with Candie, front right, as her assistant.  A couple of ladies are missing.  I love these women and appreciate their wisdom and insights!  Meanwhile, the older kids are working on independent school assignments while the younger ones are in child care.

Lunch time!  Zaden is so excited to have banana mush!

After some kids have finished wolfing down their food, all who remain at the table are the slow eaters (i.e. the readers), to include myself at times, as it may be the only chance I get to glance at the paper.

While I clean up the lunch mess, Lucan makes a "bee-yoo-tee-ful" tent.  ("Beautiful" is one of his new favorite words.)

Meanwhile, Zaden is having all kinds of fun on the floor!  He's especially happy in this picture, because I just changed a huge poop that resulted in an outfit change as well.  And it was double "doo-ty," since Lucan also had a poopy diaper.  Sigh.  I really need to get that kid potty trained.

After I put the little boys down for their naps, the older kids and I go over their school checklists from the morning.  We check everything except their Story of the U.S.A. workbook, which we'll go over together tomorrow (I hope).  Charis needed help remembering how to figure out the circumference of a circle, but once we reviewed the formula, she was good.  Arden did well with his digraph practice in his phonics book--hooray!  The little bit of instruction I gave him before we left stuck in his brain!

Today was my day to get milk from the farm.  I totally forgot to take a picture while I was actually AT the farm, so these 5 jars will have to suffice.  I also dropped off a couple of stamp club orders when I took Julia's cooler of milk to her.  (We trade off...a milk carpool, if you will.)

 And of course it wouldn't be a very fun day (for the boys) if some kind of video game weren't allowed!  They each turned in "media chips" to play games on my computer.

The older kids spent time playing outside (except for Charis, who stayed inside to knit and read) before dinner.  Don't let this picture fool you--we have been eating most of our meals at the smaller table in the kitchen, where most of the chaos is, but it was easier to eat here because this table was completely clear!  Normally our table area looks like we're trying to eat and do school all at the same time!  I call this dinner Easter, Part Two...leftover pulled pork and squash bake from Sunday, plus steamed green beans and almond flour biscuits.

While I'm cleaning up dinner, I hear Lucan saying, "Here, Baby Zaden...here, Baby Zaden...here, Baby Zaden..."  And when I peek in the family room, I see that Lucan is very kindly handing Zaden every single toy from his toy basket!

My friend Jen H comes over to visit for a bit in the evening, and it is so nice to have another adult to share the evening with!  Before too long the three littles are in bed, the boys are playing in the basement, and Charis is curled up reading on the couch where Jen and I are visiting and making plans for the homeschool convention we'll be attending together next week.  (Charis didn't have rehearsal tonight--the past several Tuesdays she has been at the theater in the evenings.)

Since Jen is here, we forego our read-aloud time, and I shoo everyone to bed shortly after 9:00 so I can get Zaden to nurse one last time before turning in myself.

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