May 25, 2011

Lucan's Current Obsessions

Nowadays Lucan has some strange and amusing fascinations, and I wanted to note them before he moves on to another phase! 

I've mentioned before how much Lucan loves to see a BUS or talk about a BUS or play with anything having wheels, which is also a BUS.  Any larger vehicle (including trains, trucks, our minivan, and the Suburban) is a bus.  Any smaller thing on wheels, such as a normal car, is a bike.  Despite efforts to educate our son as to the proper names of wheeled objects, he is firmly convinced that there are only the two categories.  We may be making progress, however; he recently brought to us a toy dump truck and informed us that he had a "dump bus."  Maybe something is getting through!

Lucan is also extremely fascinated with Bob the Tomato.  I'm not sure if this is because of Veggie Tales or simply because Bob is so easy for him to say, but he adores Bob.  Charis has kindly taken to drawing pictures of Bob for Lucan to color and even made him his own Bob & Larry poster for his wall, which lasted a surprisingly long while as decorative art before it was yanked down and dragged about the house.  During Ted's week at home before his deployment began, he took to asking Lucan if he wanted to "eat Bob" when he was cutting tomatoes for dinner.  Lucan apparently has no qualms about devouring an object of his affection, and I've been able to get a variety of foods down him by asking him if he wants a "yellow Bob" (yellow pepper) or an "orange Bob" (bite of carrot).  Actually, he's a pretty good eater as it is, but I thought it was funny that he wasn't voluntarily reaching for the peppers until I mentioned they were different colored Bobs!

"Daddy" is another obsession, and not just Ted.  Lucan loves pointing out the daddy figure in all of his storybooks and is especially fond of "Daddy Dart," a figure Charis draws frequently.  If you've seen the 3-2-1 Penguins episode about Planet Tell-A-Lie, you may remember the dart characters...she watched the bonus feature on how to draw them and began drawing them everywhere, even drawing a dart "J family" with all of us represented (including a Baby Dart!).  So, in addition to drawing Bob, Charis now draws Daddy Dart for Lucan's viewing pleasure.

A newer addiction is "Sam."  During school on Monday, I was reading to the kids about Sam Patch, a man who gained fame in the early 1800s by jumping from high surfaces into water.  There was a picture of Sam leaping off Niagara, and Lucan wandered into the kitchen to hear the rest of the story.  He loved the picture and kept exclaiming over it.  "Sam" is an easy name to say, surprise...he now says "Sam" a lot.  And yes, "Sam" gets drawn quite a bit now, too.

Lucan also adores any kind of music, exclaiming delightedly, "A song!  A song!  A song!" when he hears music or singing.  ("A song" seems to be one word in his mind, so when you read that, say it fast!)  In fact, he was so delighted with this toy guitar that my friend Sidra gave it to us to keep, since her kids seem to be uninterested in it nowadays.

I think that sums up some of his interests nowadays.  I know I'll look back one day and think, "When did he stop loving buses so much?!"  But for now, I love his enthusiasm when we're out and about!


Sarah said...

He's growing so fast! I love his obsessions. And I'm a Bob fan, too.

Queen Mama said...
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Andrea said...

That is so cute! I was laughing out loud as I read it. I'm glad he doesn't mind eating Bob (in all his rainbow hues, lol). We were at a 2nd birthday party recently and I was a little concerned that the birthday girl might be scared by the smashing of the life-size Dora pinata, but she thought it was fun.

I can totally relate to the BUS/bike thing. Keaton calls anything larger than a pickup truck a train (TCHOO, TCHOO!) and growls for anything else motorized.

As For Me and My House said...

two is such a cute age! :)