April 12, 2011

Pre-Deployment Update

I've been holding off on posting anything about Ted's deployment, because it seems the government can't make up its mind about anything these days, but people have been asking, so here's what we know so far.

Ted leaves on Monday, April 18, for four weeks of training, which will include several hours a day of language lessons.  He graduates from this on May 13 and has a tentative load date of May 20 (the day he leaves to begin traveling to his final destination, which can take up to a week because of all the stops the rotator makes along the way) with a report-no-later-than date of May 28.  The "rules" are if your load date is less than 7 days from the end of training, you just stay in place and leave from the training site for the deployment.  If your date is more than 10 days from the end of training, you return home and leave from there.

So what if you fall between that 7-10 days?  Obviously this dilemma puts the government workers in a complete kerfuffle, and no one seems to know what to do with Ted.  (How hard can it be to make the policy greater than or less than 7 days?!)

As you can imagine, planning has been next to nonexistent, since we really have had no idea how to prepare.  Trying to be prepared for every scenario is exhausting.  It's easier just to live in denial and deal with what we need to as it arises.  I'm sure that's not the best approach, but it's the only one I have energy for these days.

After much back and forth between various offices, the "final" word we have as of now is that Ted will return home after his 4 weeks of training.  HOWEVER...there is a 50-50 chance that the powers that be will change their minds during his TDY and decide to move his load date up, thereby sending him directly from training.  This REALLY complicates things...for example, Ted is supposed to be carrying weapons overseas.  He will not carry them to training, so if the plans change, that puts a lot more wrinkles in the process.  And that doesn't address the "stuff" question--should he carry ALL his deployment gear to training just in case?  Or just what he needs for the 4 weeks and presume that if the government has to get weapons to him, they may as well take care of the rest of his stuff too?!

Not to mention the emotional aspects of this.  Do we tell the kids Daddy is coming home for a little bit--hopefully?  Do we prepare for a 13-month separation by saying all our goodbyes just in case?  And if so, and Daddy returns between training and deployment, will it actually be harder to say goodbye all over again for a year?

Meanwhile, time is ticking down...


Rachel Battey! said...

Precious thing! You and I are "kindered" in wanting a plan a clear path up the side of the lofty mountain we are faced with. I have reminded myself again and again of 1Sam. 7:12 "...Thus far, the Lord has been with us." He HAS helped you Beverly, and He is faithful to continue His perfect work. I decided to be content with the small glimmer of light only on my toes--the sight of the mountain ahead left me completely defeated. We talked about this a lot with our family these months, and the kids took to it well. The road ahead is difficult, but the ONE who stands beside you is Mighty. Love and prayers to you, dear sister!

HeatherF said...

You haven't been praying for patience have you. Because God is sure teaching you some.
I had a dream the other night that with the government "shut down" Ted didn't have to go after all. I think I might have got your dream on accident.

Debi said...

I literally can not imagine the depth of emotions you are all feeling right now. I will be praying daily that Ted WILL be able to come home after training for a few days. If he leaves not knowing however...it might be best to say final goodbyes for the kids sakes. Then if he does get to come home, you can make it a surprise visit. Just my opinion. I know you and Ted will pray for the right answer about this and God will deliver it to you. Thinking of you all with love and compassion as you prepare for your time apart.

-Debi Joy

Megan said...

Praying for you all! ((Beverly))