April 15, 2011

Piano Recital

We have recently entered a new phase of parenthood--attending kids' events!  We tried purposefully for years to avoid putting our kids on sports teams or getting too heavily involved in activities that don't include all (or at least multiple!) children, but after we settled into life here in Ohio, it was obvious that the time had come for us to provide opportunities for the kids to further their talents and interests.  I don't see anything wrong with first graders playing soccer, doing gymnastics, or whatnot--I enjoyed going to my little brother's soccer games!  But given the size of our family, it has never been an option, really.  Time and money limitations again and again dictated that we just needed to be patient and wait for the things that God would lay on our kids' hearts to pursue.

Thankfully, the doors opened for music lessons to be a part of our lives when we met Mrs. D, a sweet lady who comes to our house to give the lessons!  Charis began in September 2009, and Tobin started his lessons in March 2011.  Both of them had their first piano recital last weekend, and it was such a blessing to see them perform along with many of Mrs. D's other students (many of whom are also homeschooled).  Another blessing was having my parents here to attend the recital with us.  Who knows how many of my own piano performances they sat through over the years!  It was neat to be on the other side of things.  I kind of feel like a grown-up. :-)

Tobin performed before Charis did, and he sat down and began playing so quickly Ted didn't have a chance to get any video.  So you'll have to be content with a photo of him at the piano until I can capture him on video here at home--and, given his love for attention, I'm sure he'll be happy to oblige!  Then you can listen to Charis playing her song.  I haven't really observed her playing in a long while--just listened while working in the kitchen, mostly.  I'm very pleased with her technique!

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Natalie said...

Nice job, Charis. I agree she does have nice technique. That's the one thing that drive me crazy with Jonathan. Piano has definately helped with his fine motor skills, but I still sometimes look at his fingers and cringe! :)