September 29, 2010

Time with Friends

One of the best things about being on vacation has been the chance to visit with friends!  Before I continue with our daily account, I thought I'd take time to show some "people pictures."

This is my friend Claire, who, along with her husband Bob, graciously hosted our family four days of our trip!  They fed us wonderful meals and gave us their roomy basement to camp out in.  Our families met when we were originally stationed in Ohio, and we've kept up with each other via our blogs and Facebook.  Claire is expecting their 8th child and has been an inspiration to me in many ways, so I truly enjoyed getting to visit with her in person, even though our time was somewhat limited because of all the sightseeing.  It was also fun to see her children in person--she only had the 4 boys when we last saw each other! 

Tobin, Jonathan, and Arden--I never did get a picture of Jonathan with his eyes open!

Faith and Lucan--they are about 6 weeks apart.

"The Princess Table"--Kenna, Grace, Anna, and Faith.  These girls had SO much fun together!

Charis with Tiffany and Rachel, adopted daughters of our friends Alan and Carol F of Maryland.  Charis and Rachel played together and were in church classes together when we were stationed in D.C.

My dear friend Monica and me--a too-short visit that left us looking forward to spending more time together at Leadership Training with Stampin' Up!

Charis was delighted to see her friend Amberly again.  Her family recently moved from Ohio to Virginia, and they spent a day in D.C. with us.

Caleb, Jonathan, and Arden.  These three boys were nearly inseparable the brief time they got to spend together!

Anna and Kenna--they are similar in so many ways!  Kenna will be so lonely without these sweet girls to play with!

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