September 11, 2010

Seven on Saturday

HOW is it possible that it has been 8 days since my last post?! So much blog-worthy material to write little time. Sigh. Time for blurbs.

1. This morning I ran my first 5K, a race to benefit missionaries our church supports. (Check out their web site.) Ted and Scott, one of our neighbors, also ran. It was wonderful weather and a lot of fun. There were about 200 racers altogether. We all finished in less than 30 minutes, so that was fun, and I actually won a door prize packet. I think I have Charis interested in running a 5K with me sometime!

2. Last weekend was Labor Day weekend, right?! (Time flies.) We did lots of fun family activities and managed not to kill one another with all the togetherness. The weekend included a pool party at a neighbor's house, teaching the art of Settlers of Catan to Scott and Eilene, and a hike at the gorge near Cedarville University (my old stomping grounds, as my dad would say).

3. Our first "full" week of school went very well! I should probably make that a separate blog post. One of the reasons it went well, I think, is that I am now beginning my 6th year of homeschooling. This does not mean I'm an expert--just that I no longer feel the need to be SuperHomeSchoolingMom! We are relaxing and enjoying the journey! (Hopefully this approach will last longer than the first week.)

4. AWANA started Wednesday night. I can't believe we have 4 kids in AWANA this adorable Cubbie, one last-year Sparky, and two T&Ters (Truth & Training)!

5. Tomorrow Ted, Arden, Tobin, and 5 friends are going to the Reds game in Cincinnati. Charis and Tobin each got 4 free tickets as part of their Bible Bee award package, and Charis had zero interest in attending a baseball game. I had zero interest in trying to manage two little ones at a baseball game. So we are staying home in the afternoon and will attend the church picnic in the evening, assuming it doesn't get rained out.

6. We found out our request to tour the White House was denied, as they did not have any available spaces during our requested available days. Sigh. Oh, well--there is a lot to do in D.C.!

7. I had a FANTASTIC response to a Stampin' 101 class that I hosted here at home on Sept. 2 and 7. There were 6 people here on the 2nd (2 of whom were downline members!), and 9 people here on the 7th. I had a BLAST! The ladies were so much fun. I gave away two hostess stamp sets and other little gifts, so that everyone who came got a goodie to take home along with their make-and-take project. Best part for me...THREE people booked workshops! That was very encouraging after quite a dry spell for me and my business. I'm praising the Lord and excited to get back into the stampin' routine!

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