July 04, 2010

Zoo Much Fun

Military families got into the zoo free last week, so we took a trip to Columbus for the day on Tuesday. My friend and neighbor Eilene (who also hosts our neighborhood ladies' Bible study) called me Tuesday morning to announce that we were having a break in the hot weather that was only supposed to last a couple of days, and did I want to go to the zoo? Since Mom wasn't interested in walking around the zoo all day, she volunteered to stay home with Lucan, which made things a lot easier for us all, since it's over an hour's drive to GET to the zoo--plus we had to leave after our chiropractic appointment!

Anyway, it was a good day. Sidra and her two kids went as well, and we invited another friend from the neighborhood to come, so there were 9 kids with 3 moms, a much smaller kid-to-adult ratio than I would have had on my own, LOL. To see some more pictures, click here.

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