June 01, 2010

Summer Adventure

This created quite a stir at our house today! Our family is participating in the National Bible Bee, which means we will be doing an in-depth study of the book of Colossians together. Tobin and Charis are eligible to compete in the local bee at Cedarville University in August--the primary group is ages 7-10. As participants, they received their own Bibles, memory verse cards (250!!), t-shirt, pin, and student notebook. Ted and I each got a parent notebook as well. It looks like there are 5 days' worth of quiet times/study times each week, with a family "bonfire" activity to wrap things up before going on to the next week. With 12 weeks ahead of us, it will be a full summer of study indeed!

The kids are beyond excited. I was a little sad for Arden, who actually cried when he realized he didn't have any materials. I guess I should have paid the reduced rate for him to be a participant, but not a competitor--I didn't realize how much he was going to miss out on! I figured he would be able to share and learn the Bible verses with us, read along with us, and so on--I had no idea the kids were getting all this stuff!! It broke my heart to see him so upset, but he bounced back by the end of the evening. I told him I'm giving tickets for ANYONE who memorizes the Bible verses, and I know he'll earn just as many as Charis and Tobin. :-)

More info to come as we begin this adventure!

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Bob and Claire said...

Oh, I think this will be a great experience for you all! My friend Carri did it last year with her family (she has 10 kids), and they memorized so much! It was amazing!