June 04, 2010

Another Fabulous Year with Sonlight

Wow...today we actually completed Sonlight's Core 2! Did we do everything? Well, no...we didn't even come close to doing ALL the science experiments; there were a number of writing assignments that I opted not to assign; there were a few writing assignments that kids started and never finished; there are some activity sheets that are completely blank; and there is even one book from the Read-Aloud pile that we flat out didn't have time for when it was scheduled. (We plan to read it this summer.) And frankly, I did skip a few (but a very few) of the poems that looked like they would bore the kids (and me).

But, we did get a GREAT overview of world history, picking up from where we left off in Core 1 with the early Middle Ages and continuing through the 20th century. We ignited curiosity about new people, places, eras, and inventions. We had lots of discussions, laughed ourselves silly, and had opportunities to incorporate God's truth and His passion for people into a variety of lessons. We prayed for countries and people groups we had never heard of before, improved our geography and map skills, and memorized a lot of Bible verses, including at least 3 whole chapters in Psalms.

So when I think of Core 2, this is what will come to mind:

Minus, perhaps, Kenna's totally cheesy grin and flash of underwear. Sigh. Guess that picture won't be submitted to Sonlight for them to consider using for next year's catalog cover.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh the underwear can be photoshopped out! The cheesy grin is actually precious! -Eilene

The Litwillers said...

Hooray for Sonlight! Did you do any of the on-line stuff on Tuesday? I, along with 1000 plus other people were trying to win that free Core and being kicked off repeatedly.

We are 22 weeks into Core K and loving it!

Luke said...
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