November 22, 2009

Spotlight on...ARDEN

Since Arden is snuggling with Ted on the couch as they watch football, it seems appropriate that I begin this spotlight by noting one of Arden's current obsessions: football. Tobin has absolutely no interest in sports; Arden LOVES sports. Yesterday he and I had a long conversation about football and his aspirations (to play for either the Broncos, Bengals, Vikings, Packers, or Saints). He is so into the game that Ted and I are thinking perhaps we'll let him play on a team next year. I'm not so sure I'm ready to enter the sports arena with our kids--mostly because of the time involved--but I think it's important to encourage them in the areas where their passions and talents lie. So, if current trends continue and his interest doesn't wane, we may very well have a football player in the family.

When he's not playing with his football out in the backyard, Arden can often be found hiding in my bedroom with his Legos. (He has to find a place to play where Kenna can't come steal his pieces!) He got a set for his birthday and has played with it nearly every day since. (Thanks, Ski!) He and Tobin also enjoy playing with various assortments of toys--army men and Legos are a popular combo. Having studied castles and the Middle Ages in our recent school readings, the boys also have been building various castle/knight scenarios. And of course, playing superheroes remains a favorite pastime as well.

Aside from fun stuff, Arden continually displays a passion for other people coming to know Jesus. I love listening to him pray for our missionaries and for the people groups we study who need to hear the gospel. I know God will use his tender heart for His glory. He is a loving, affectionate guy and quite sensitive. But he also loves to tease, especially his younger siblings!

Right now Arden and Tobin are just about the same height--I think Tobin may have a half inch on his younger brother. But Arden definitely outweighs all the other kids! He is one solid dude. He has slimmed down as he has stretched out. It amazes me how different our kids all are--though Arden and Tobin share clothes, they definitely do not have the same body type at all. It's so fun to watch them growing up! Unfortunately, though, they aren't listening when I tell them they need to stop growing!

In school Arden is clipping right along in the 2nd grade math book. (He just turned 6 and is in what we are calling first grade.) Like Tobin, he also has learned all his time tables. His handwriting is improving significantly, though he still has to think about letter formation. But he is getting better! He enjoys reading, though perhaps not quite as much as his older sibs. I'm afraid some of the Sonlight reading is going over his head--he's much too wiggly and uninterested much of the time. But I hope he's absorbing some of it anyway, and I'm sure he'll get it when we go through it in a few years with Kenna!

And now, for the Arden interview:

Favorite foods: Pizza, chocolate chip cookies
Favorite toys: Legos Star Wars people
Favorite activities: Playing football
Favorite animal: Tiger
Favorite color: Red
Favorite subject: Explode the Code (the phonics workbook series we use)
What I want to be when I grow up: A football player.

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Ski said...

Our girls also aren't listening when we tell them to stop growing! I tell them I am going to put bricks on their heads to keep them growing.
Glad Arden likes the Legos, maybe someday he can play with Kenna instead of hiding!