November 14, 2009

Catch-Up Week

Ahhhh. I can't believe it's Saturday already. My perfect plan of spotlighting one child per day of the week failed miserably, LOL. But we had a good week. My Facebook friends may have seen that I declared last week "Mommy Mental Health Week." We did only the bare minimum of school. In addition to reading our wonderful Sonlight books, we:

* Went to the Super Playground on base for a picnic lunch.
* Invited neighbor friends over to play and then had them stay for an impromptu lunch and more visiting.
* Enjoyed a day off with Daddy--and Charis and I did her belated birthday outing. Nothing fancy...just got hair cuts, browsed a craft store, ate lunch at Chili's, and spent our B&N gift cards. (Yikes, Rhonda, I FINALLY used my gift card from my birthday last year!!)
* Cleaned the house in preparation for hosting missionary friends this weekend.
* Soaked up lots of sun while enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.
* Welcomed the C family, missionaries to Colombia, as they came into town for our church's missions conference.

Also, during the week, I caught up on paying bills (ugh, not fun, but needed to be done), prepared for a home workshop on Thursday night, met with some downline gals to plan our holiday stamp camp in December, and looked for ways to use up the produce from our Happy Box. :-)

So, it was a busy but fun week, and I'm sad the weekend is already half over. The C family arrived for dinner last night, and the kids pretty much ran wild all over the house, thrilled beyond measure to be reunited with Jackson, Makayla, and Avianna, whom they had met in person a couple of months ago when Scott and Laura were in town for a bit and came over for an evening of dinner and fellowship.

Today Scott went to the Ohio vs. Iowa football game, and the rest of us went to the Super Playground on base again. The kids had a blast--well, they were having a blast from the moment they awoke at 7:30 a.m. (We were actually amazed they slept in that long!)

Scott will be preaching at church tomorrow, and then they'll be out somewhere for lunch. I foresee a nap for myself... Then the C family will spend one last night with us before moving on to other activities on Monday. We are so thankful for the chance to fellowship with them.

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