July 05, 2009

Moving Day...

...is rapidly approaching! Today is our last day in this house. We'll be here thoughout the next week, but the packers arrive tomorrow morning. This past week has been a whirlwind! After getting back from Commission--a 10-day trip away from computers during which we barely even thought about our "normal" life--we were suddenly plunged into reality, which included an amazing amount of effort in order to prepare for this coming week!

Rooms are frighteningly clean...we've put out an extraordinary amount of trash...toys that were MIA over the last however many months (years?!) have made their way back to where they belong...and the bookshelves look as if they came straight from the library. Why can't things ALWAYS be this neat and organized?! We've discovered how much stuff we truly never used and donated a whole truckload to Goodwill after attempting a sad and pathetic garage sale, but we did earn some family spending money by selling some larger items. We're all looking forward to a more organized existence in Ohio! There is a lot more storage space in our new house, so that will help tremendously, and with the kids' playroom in our finished basement, we'll be able to have a no-toys-in-bedrooms rule that SHOULD help keep things a lot neater.

So...are we ready for the packers?! I guess about as ready as we can be. There is always the last-minute mad dash to set aside this or that, things that are more easily kept with us to avoid having to hunt for them on the flip side. Ted is clearing out our "Harry Potter closet" (the closet under the stairs, for the uninitiated) to use as a do-not-pack space where we can store the things we want to take with us personally.

They scheduled 3 days for the packers to be here, but we're hoping it won't take that long. We'll get a feel for how long it should be when we see how many people they send out tomorrow! The moving truck will be here Thursday, and we'll be spending Monday through Thursday nights in the TLF (Temporary Lodging Facilities) at Nellis. Friday morning Ted has his final out-processing appointment, and then we'll head out from there, towing the van behind us, packed to the brim for our partial "ditty" move (DTY, do-it-yourself move). The plan is to drive to Green River, Utah, that night, then go through Arches National Park Saturday morning on our way to Rhonda's in Colorado. We'll be in Denver a few days, then will drive to Kansas to spend a couple of nights with our dear friends Craig & Mimi, then off to Ohio!

Our landlord finally got his orders, so we are OFFICIALLY renting his house now. :-) It looks like we will be able to do a door-to-door move, which means only staying in the Wright-Patterson TLF a couple or three nights, Lord willing.

All the preparation has been such a whirlwind that it's been hard to sit around feeling sad about saying goodbyes, which is probably a good thing. The fact that we're going back to familiar territory, close to my family and meeting up with old friends again, really makes us excited about this move, more excited than previous assignments, I think. Maybe I'm just relieved that I don't have to completely start over with 5 kiddos, LOL!

We have a family going-away party this evening, and I know I'll see folks there that I won't get to see again before we actually leave next Friday. Today was our last Sunday at church, so I said some goodbyes then, too, and I'm starting to "feel" it. As eager as we are to get away from the Las Vegas heat, and as eager as Ted is to leave his job at Creech, we are so thankful for the wonderful people we've met here and in particular for such an amazing, God-first church that we found in Canyon Ridge. The only thing that makes leaving it bearable is knowing that someday we'll all be part of THE Church in heaven!

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