October 06, 2008

Catching Up

I'm pleased to announce we have had 3 Mondays in a row of our regular daily, homeschooling routine! That's about it, though. I can't believe how crazy life got the last half of September. A rundown of the week after my Founder's trip looks like this:

Monday--"Normal" day. Good to be homeschooling again after a week's break.
Tuesday--Dropped kids off at Cindey's house and drove downtown for a Silver Belles workshop.
Wednesday--Dropped kids off at Heather's house and drove to base for my first OB appointment. I heard the heartbeat (yay!) and the doc verified my due date as March 31. Goodbye, Hawaii; hello, spring baby!
Thursday--Took kids to PE in the morning and Charis to dance class in the afternoon.
Friday--Minimal homeschool activities in the morning and stamp club in the afternoon.

I thought Saturday would be a day to rest and clean the house a bit. (I never clean before stamp club--we have anywhere from 10-20 kids running around the house, and without fail juice ends up on the floor and then tracked all over...so really, why bother?!) Ted helped some friends move, which ended up taking longer than he anticipated, so he was gone much of the day. I started our mountains of laundry and slowly began cleaning the house in anticipation of my parents' arrival the next day. We took a break and grabbed lunch at Sonic, then ate at a nearby park and had some playtime.

Back at home, I puttered around in my stamp room, trying to get the "Stamp Suite" ready for guests, and continued with the laundry. Just about the time I was considering a nap, the phone rang. It was my parents--they were in St. George and headed for Las Vegas! Yikes! I wasn't even planning to cook that night...leftovers, chicken nuggets, whatever. Well, all that changed! I finished up cleaning as best as I could (the kids helped when they came home from a party at the neighbors' house) and made some chicken spaghetti. By the time Mom and Dad arrived, the house was reasonably clean, the futon was clear, as was the surrounding carpet in the office, and dinner was almost ready. The kids were so excited to see both Grandma and Grandpa--it had been since last Christmas that we were all together. Mom came to visit us in the spring, but Dad didn't. They were both amazed at the changes in Kenna and constantly amused by her antics, as we all are!

So--it was a whirlwind end to a busy week!

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