October 06, 2008

Academy Application Update

It's been awhile since I first posted what Ted was going through in regards to the application process for teaching at USAFA. So here's a quick update. On Monday morning, September 22, he had a phone interview with the Department of History. He thought it went quite well and expected to hear from them later that day. (They had told him they would call back.) Long story short--it was a week and a half later before he heard anything. (You can imagine the nail-biting around here!)

The good news: They want to hire him!

The bad news: His career field hasn't released him.

But good news: USAFA submitted official paperwork requesting his release from his career field.

And more good news: They tell us that they have pretty good success with this particular situation.

So, we are cautiously optimistic but obviously in a stage of waiting...yet again! That seems to be the story of this whole ordeal. Waiting for signatures, waiting to hear something, waiting for an interview, waiting, waiting, waiting. Thankfully we know that God makes all things beautiful in HIS time, and we know His plans are perfect.

In the meantime, we wait...not for man, but for the Lord!


Krista said...

So exciting! I hope it all works out for you and you aren't too stressed with the "waiting". :)

By the way... I'm flying in and out of Las Vegas while visiting a friend in Kingman. Any random chance you'd like to meet up? :)

Email me if you want the specifics (Oct 15th and 21st)

Beverly said...

Hmmm...sounds fun! I'll be out of town the 15th, though. It would depend on the time on the 21st!

Melissa said...

Good luck Beverly! I know how much you'd love to be back in CO near family. I really hope it works out!