June 13, 2008


We made it through the week! No swim lessons this morning, so we had a little more leisure time than the rest of the mornings this week. In fact, Arden didn't even wake up until 9:00! Kenna was crabby, so I tried putting her down a bit early for a nap so we could fit in some school time before leaving the house around 1:15. Unfortunately, she fussed for reasons unapparent to me (I did give her Tylenol, as I think she's teething again) and took nearly an hour to settle down.

Despite a short nap time, we did make it through a good amount of schoolwork. Then it was time to take Charis to one of her little friend's house for a "doll party." Agusta and her family are moving to Albuquerque with the Air Force, and this was her goodbye party. Charis was looking forward to it all week! The girls were to bring their favorite dolls and accessories, plus wear or bring a party dress for "tea time." There were quite a few cute little girls twirling around with dolls, so I suspect it was as much of a hit with the other friends as it was with Charis. I liked the idea so much that I think we'll steal it when it comes time for Charis to have a goodbye party next year!

The boys and Kenna and I headed to Walmart to get some groceries--our cupboards were pretty bare. Then I took them to the McDonald's close to where our old houses were (right by Agusta's house) and let them play and have some ice cream. Kenna was enthralled with her French fries and loved wandering around without getting into trouble! We picked Charis up around 3:30, and she and Tobin donned their "doboks" (taekwondo uniforms) so they were ready to get in Carmen's van as soon as we pulled into our driveway.

Whew. Tonight was also homemade pizza and movie night. Now the kids are getting tucked into bed, and the jury is still out on whether Ted and I will do anything other than collapse in our own bed!

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