June 03, 2008

Guardian Angels Work Overtime With This One

So Kenna has learned to climb. The event described in this post actually took place awhile back (like 3 weeks ago), and I am finally breathing normally. What clued us in to the fact that something was going on was a repetitive beeping sound. All of us except Kenna were downstairs. Normally this is not a big deal--she manages stairs fine, and we're all on alert to shut every door once she is out and about (otherwise she manages to have fun with toilet water). Well, finally it dawned on me that the sound I was hearing was the computer--the keyboard was getting some use, and it wasn't the right password! I grabbed my camera and headed upstairs, thinking I'd find her on the chair, "typing" away. I thought it would be a cute photo for the blog. Instead I found Kenna standing ON the keyboard!

Now, look carefully to the right of the photo and you'll see the middle window, with another window underneath--both are next to the entryway. Behind Kenna and the monitor is a wall that extends about 8 inches above the built-in computer desk. Beyond that is maybe a 16-foot drop to a ceramic tile floor.

PRAISE THE LORD for His watch-care! Thanks be to Him for the guardian angels that His Word tells us are assigned to each little one! Needless to say, we no longer leave the chair out at the computer desk. We keep a folding chair in that area now, and when we're finished working at the computer, we fold it up and put it away.

I told my mom about this and asked her to never, NEVER stop praying for our kids!! You just never know when something tragic can happen--or COULD HAVE happened.


Megan said...

Yikes! I think you are raising a little Sela! Praise God Kenna didn't fall!!!

And why on earth would they put a computer desk there with such a short wall? 16 feet above where people walk around down below? ANY object falling over the edge could be hazardous to passersby on the first floor.

Christie said...

Whoa little Kenna! What a little risk taker. Praise the Lord she is safe!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I saw this picture some time ago but didn't have time to read the whole post. My heart dropped when you said 8 inch wall and 16 foot drop. Praise the Lord for His watchful eye even when we don't always see it! And Praise God for wisdom for us to know how to change a situation from happening again. Angels of Protection around you and yours always!