April 25, 2008

Where in the World?

For some lunch time conversation, I asked the kids where in the world they would want to visit if they could go anywhere and why. Here are their responses:

Charis: "Colorado and India. Colorado because it snows there, and I don't know why India."

(We read about Amy Carmichael, missionary to India, in our Sonlight reading this morning and also talked about our friends the P family who are preparing to move there as well, so that could have been a factor.)

Tobin: "Africa, because I want to see lots of animals. I would climb a tree to stay away from tigers and watch out for snakes."

(We did discuss the fact that tigers are found in Asia, not Africa, and debated whether bears are found in the jungle.)

Arden: "China, because I want to tell people about Jesus."

*melt* My dear, sweet little missionary! I love his heart for God. The fact that he said this with his mouth full of peanut butter only made it all the more endearing!

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Amos said...

What precious words to document as your children are young. That's why I LOVE to scrapbook, so you can write things like that down to remember for later. Sweet children!