April 07, 2008

Last Week

The week after spring break it was back to our school schedule...with Ted away for 6 days. He left Sunday morning about the same time the kids and I headed to church. He was at a conference at Hurlburt AFB in Florida, and I'm honestly not sure if I spelled that right or not! It was good for us to be doing school that week, as it provided structure during the days. The evenings were pretty crazy. Monday evening a hostess and 9 of her guests came to my house for a hands-on workshop. Tuesday evening my Bible study group came to my house. Wednesday evening we went to church. Thursday evening a scrap club meeting was supposed to be at my house, but only the hostess and her daughter showed up. I admit it was nice to have opportunities for adult conversation, but I was exhausted all week! The kids were bathed ONCE the entire time Ted was gone. Usually he takes that task, and I just didn't have the energy to wrestle through four kids' baths. Plus, I figured they'd just get dirty the next day anyway!!

On Friday a couple of friends and their kids came over, so that was fun. The kids and I had our pizza and movie night that evening (Herbie Rides Again), and then I turned in after reading a couple of chapters in The Hobbit. (It's been awhile since I read the series, and I wanted to read it again before pressing on with some new books I have on my to-read list.) Ted's plane was delayed in Atlanta due to weather conditions, and his 11 p.m. arrival time became about 2:30 a.m. Thankfully he was able to sleep in a little bit, though not much...Kenna did her best to make her voice heard despite my efforts to keep her quiet!

Charis and I got out of the house Saturday afternoon and had some girl time. We went to the library and got another armload of books just for her (well, I'm sure Tobin and I will read some of them, too), since she was "out" of things to read here at home. Then we went to Walmart, where she used some of her spending money to buy a bead kit and I got a few groceries and miscellaneous items. I found cheap-o kites for $1 each, so we plan to try those out soon. I figure we'll see how we like the adventure before I invest more money in them! A stop at Sam's Club allowed us to stock up on fresh fruit and dairy products, and then we came home to a rather panicked Ted, who had been napping while the boys watched a movie only to wake up and discover they were GONE.

Praise the Lord, they were just across the street at our friends' house, where the front door was wide open and they were sitting on the couch with Braden playing a video game. BUT, we had a VERY long talk about why they are NEVER to leave the house without permission and especially not when a parent is sleeping!!! YIKES!

That evening Ted took the boys to a hockey game! He said Arden especially absolutely loved it and commented on the players in "time out" (the penalty box). Tobin had fun too, but he was more interested in the social aspect of being there with some friends. Charis and I enjoyed more girl time at home--we popped popcorn and watched one of my all-time favorite movies, Little Women. She had read an abridged version of the book, so she really enjoyed seeing it come to life and comparing it to the book.

Yesterday Ted and I had a date! A real date! Just the two of us!! Debi watched the kids for us, and it was our first time out ALONE since July! We had gone out with Ted's mom and with my parents, but that's it! So, we thoroughly enjoyed our conversation over Famous Dave's yummy barbeque and our time at Barnes & Noble, followed by ice cream at Cold Stone. What a blessing!

And those are the highlights from last week!


The Litwillers said...

Your date sounds suspiciously like a good Rob and Penni date: dinner out and a bookstore walk! Last time we tried one of those, I was too pregnant to explore the bookstore for long. We'll have to go again...you've inspired me :)

Amos said...

You are amazing! How you can pack so much in with 4 little ones, how do you do it? Amazing!