July 06, 2007

Nursing Update

Praise the Lord, it's good news this time! I am almost completely better, and I'm sure that by tomorrow I'll be able to hit the road, getting my long run in for the week at least. Here's the story...

On the 4th of July I was still having quite a bit of pain. I spent a half hour in the shower and continued taking Motrin and applying heat packs. Of course it was a holiday, and since it didn't really constitute an emergency, I wasn't able to be seen on base. I continued to think it was a plugged milk duct until that evening when I spoke with a lady who had had one before, and we decided that it didn't really sound like that was my issue. I did suspect that the thrush had something to do with what was going on, though, which just made me all the more irritated that Kenna and I weren't BOTH treated at the same time from the beginning.

Thursday morning, when nothing had changed, I called and got an appointment for 9 a.m. (That's quite amazing, really!) Debi came over to watch the kids--the timing worked out perfectly as I had just finished nursing Kenna and was able to leave all 4 at home. The kids watched a movie, Debi played with the baby, and all were happy. Meanwhile, I was being seen by a different doctor who ended up rolling his eyes at the fact that the previous doctor only gave me Nystatin cream and didn't give me Diflucon (which Debi had recommended in the first place). So I am now taking one pill a day for 4 days. By yesterday evening I had already noticed a huge difference--I was only slightly tender. This morning it's even better, so I know the doctor must have been on the right track to determine that it was bacteria from the yeast that was causing the pain. Yay--no mastitis!!

There was a slight fiasco trying to pick up Kenna's prescription, which had indeed been put through into the system, though no one had called me back on Tuesday to tell me so. When I got to the window, we realized that they had ordered the bottom cream, NOT the oral medication, though I had clearly told them the thrush was back in her MOUTH. So I spent a half hour waiting for them to try to contact the doctor by phone, then finally walked over to the pediatric clinic myself to get things rolling. The nurse I had talked with on Tuesday came out and thoroughly apologized for the mix-up, and once I got back to the pharmacy, they red-flagged it and I was out of there 5 minutes later. Whew!

So, now Kenna is back on her oral medicine, I am taking a yeast-killing pill, and presumably we can put this whole yucky situation behind us very soon!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Beverly,
I am so happy to hear that all is better with the nursing. Katie Ann got thrush and gave it to me too and I CRIED everytime she latched on. I can RELATE!


Ski said...

Glad everyone is doing better. I am grateful we never had to deal with thrush. Try the triple nipple cream too. Remember to wash/soak your bras and shirts in vinger water and don't wash with the other things unless you want it to spread or come back again. It wouldn't hurt to wash Kenna's clothes in the same way.

I have a couple of outfits for Kenna if you are interested, one is Clifford overalls and the other is a skirt/shirt with a bucking bronco on it (from Colorado).

Bob & Claire said...

Wow, I am glad it wasn't mastitis, but still . . . what a huge pain! Especially the crazy pharmacy/doctor system! I tell stories like this, and my civilian friends just can't relate at all, LOL. I have never had to deal with thrush like that either. Luke had it some after his antibiotics (they thought he has pneumonia at birth from aspirating meconium), but I never got it thankfully, and he just did the thrush/diaper rash cycle a few times. How frustrating for both of you! I wonder if there is some natural stuff you could take to reduce your risk of being affected by it. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

A lactation consaltant suggested that you try baking soda and water paste on yourself to help, it will help kill the yeast and won't hurt Kenna if she happens to get a some. She also said to make sure you wash your and Kenna's things in a vinegar solution.