June 07, 2007

My Belated Mother's Day

Last Saturday I got to celebrate Mother's Day! Since Ted was still in Florida in May, he told me my gift would happen after his return. He conspired with Debi's husband to send us both to a day spa!

I began the day bright and early by meeting Sarah for a 5-mile run at a park I hadn't been to before. There's a great trail there, and as we were finishing, we met some people from our church who are part of a group called the Ridge Runners. Since Sarah will be moving to Texas in just a few weeks, it was a blessing to meet up with some other runners. They meet every Saturday to run together. That may help motivate me quite a bit! I'm going to miss my running partner and our conversations, not to mention the accountability we give each other! We do plan to run a half marathon this year...the one in her area is a week after the one in Las Vegas. Hopefully we can stay committed to training and keep each other accountable from a distance!

After a great run, we went to Starbucks for a Frappachino (or however you spell it). It felt so good to run again! Five miles goes quickly when you're with a friend! Knowing that a year ago I ran my farthest distance ever (8 miles), it makes it a bit easier to get back into the swing of things with running. Now I can tell myself that I've done it before, so I can surely do it again! I look forward to pushing past my previous record as I work my way toward the 1/2 marathon distance of 13.1 miles.

After cleaning up, I met Debi for a nice lunch before we headed to the spa. We first got manicures and pedicures, a complete luxury for me! Many ladies I know get them frequently, and trust me, here in the desert it is definitely a temptation to get maintenance work done on one's feet often. But I just haven't been able to justify it in the budget! After that I got a facial--again, a total luxury. If I were to pick, this would be the one service I could live without. I'd rather have another massage!! I did finish the day with an hour-long massage. Aaaahhh!!! I felt like a puddle when I walked out of there!

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful hubby. It was a sweet and thoughtful idea for him to set up this treat for me. Ted has made it clear how much he admires and values the work I did here at home with the children in his absence. Of course, knowing he loves and supports me certainly helped me through the trying times! Ultimately, though, we give honor and glory to the Lord for bringing us through some very difficult months. If it weren't for HIM, I never would have made it!


Bob & Claire said...

What a wonderful day!! Makes me want a massage, LOL. And just yesterday, Caleb or someone (one of the boys--can't remember!) was looking at my feet and telling me they were "hard". So I guess I need the pedicure too . . . Ah well!

Amos said...

Sounds fantastic. Kuddos to that great hubby of yours! Just what the mommy needed for sure.

Great job on the running, I prefer the bicycle myself, but I wish I like to run too. It's such great exercise.