May 11, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Has a Job Tonight

Charis lost her first tooth! It began wiggling about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and she had been fiddling with it ever since. Friend Hannah has lost, oh, maybe 7-8 teeth, I've lost track, and Charis has been asking and asking when she would lose a tooth. We were all delighted for her when she discovered the tooth was loose, and she showed it to everyone she met.

We were paying for groceries at Sam's Club this afternoon when she let out a shriek, "It's out! My tooth is out!" Thankfully I had a cup of iced lemonade with me, and I made her drink some slowly. I didn't want her to panic about the blood in her mouth, and as I had nothing to blot it with, I just shoved the drink in her hand and told her to start sipping! She sipped, I finished paying for groceries, and we walked out of the store, taking time to explain to the lady who marked our receipt that Charis lost her VERY FIRST TOOTH!!! Then we had to call Daddy and tell him that Charis lost her VERY FIRST TOOTH!!! Then we had to discuss what happens when the Tooth Fairy comes, and oh, by the way, did I mention Charis lost her VERY FIRST TOOTH!!!

Can you tell she's excited?!


Ski said...

Congtatulations Charis!

Amos said...

She sure was excited wasn't she. I hope my boys will be that excited too.

Now I on the other hand get shivers up my back thinking about it. I lost only one tooth myself by pulling and one other one fell out. Then to the dentist I went for the rest. Shivers, I will have to pray about that before it happens to my boys. Not good memories for me.