May 31, 2007

Daddy's Home!!

Ted's HOME!

For those who know us personally, you know that we are indeed rejoicing. On Friday, May 25, Ted finished 179 days of a stateside deployment to Central Command at MacDill AFB, Florida. It was a long haul, but the Lord was gracious in allowing him to be stateside and also allowing him a few visits home. We know many men and women serving overseas do not have that privilege, and we feel blessed to have been able to spend time together--especially when Kenna was born--during the last 6 months.

And now he's home!!! And he's not going back!!! Ted's new job, which he will begin after his 2 weeks of free leave time, is a position that does not allow for deployments. He will undoubtedly have some TDYs (temporary duty assignments) for conferences and the like, but two years with no deployments?! That's GREAT!!

The last 6 months have definitely been a growing experience for us all. Being a family again requires some adjustment, but I think it's much easier than it could be, considering the fact that Ted was able to step into his Daddy role on the few weekends he was able to visit us. It would be much more difficult if we hadn't seen each other for that whole time.

Having Ted home for Memorial Day was both exciting and humbling. We spent the day rejoicing at being together again, but many spent the day reflecting on loved ones who have been lost. An amazing YouTube video , for which I received an email link, had me in tears the morning of Ted's return. If you haven't seen it, I recommend taking five minutes and watching it. You'll be glad you did. Thank God for the freedoms we enjoy, and thank Him for the ultimate sacrifice He paid for our sins.


Amos said...

Praise God that he has brought your family through this time. And now I pray that he will strengthen and re-kindle all of your relationships even deeper and more loving than ever before. I know we've never met, but you and your family are such dear people in my heart. Enjoy every minute of your time together!

Bob & Claire said...

Yay!!! You made it!! I was thinking about you all over Memorial Day--I think I could feel your happiness all the way out here, LOL! I'm glad the readjustment time is going well, and I'm delighted to hear that the new job is not deployable!