December 09, 2006

A Major Change

Ted pinned on Major! The promotion ceremony was the day after we returned from Colorado. Rhonda drove back with us so she could be there for the ceremony, then flew back that evening. She and I pinned Ted's new rank on the shoulders of his jacket, then he took that off and let the kids help slide the new shoulder thingies (whatever they're called) onto his shirt. Here's a cute picture of Charis helping.

Here's our whole family...

And here are our friends Ken & Sarah, the famous Sarah who is my running partner when I'm not pregnantly huge. :-) As you can see, half of our children (the B family have 3 kids close to our 3 kids' ages) are not in the picture, having decided that exploring the hangar was much more exciting than posing for pictures.

And one last picture, Ted with his mom at the airport. It was a very quick trip to Las Vegas for her, but she had to get back to her students! We were so glad she was able to be here for this special occasion.

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