December 18, 2006


After coming home from a stamping workshop last Monday night, I went to tuck the kids in bed. I like going in when they are sleeping and praying for them and just watching them sleep. This time, I discovered Charis had fallen asleep on the book she was reading, The Doll People by Ann Martin. I'm sure this won't be the last time this happens!

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Aunt J J said...

I've read this book---very cute. I'm glad Charis got to read it too; how did she like it?
So now we've got another bookworm in the family. Well, a good read never did anybody any harm! :-) What are her tastes in books? Maybe I get her a couple books now and then (pending, of course, parental approval). All right?
Anyway, have a fine Christmas, and a nice new year. I hope your Christmas will be your best ever! After all, now the "kiddo brigade" is old enough to enjoy it.
Love, J J
P.S. Merry Christmas, Charis, Tobin and Arden! Have fun with all your presents, and hug each other and your mommy and daddy for me, OK?