October 09, 2006

A Story by Charis

Charis spent some time drawing and writing on the white board this afternoon, and she wrote a story. Here it is, original spelling and all ("toyo" is supposed to be "toys"...do you call that a write-o instead of a typo?!):

"Ben put his toyo away. He did not want to be late. Thay wre going to the games. It wude be fun. Ben wud get to play oun [one]. Thay wrue soon thare. The games wrue fun. Wune the games wrue ouer, thay winte home."

Notice the correct placement of capital letters, periods, and the comma in the last sentence! I was also impressed that even though she had misspellings, at least she was fairly consistent! :-)

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Ski said...

Thanks for sharing the story. Charis is actually doing well iwth her spelling, she is just missing some of those words you just have to know how to spell because you can't sound them out. Charis knows the silent e-rule just not always when to apply it. Enjoy these stories. One idea is take the covers that come off the hard back books (for children of course) and have them write a story that goes with the cover, different from the origianl story. I still have some I wrote when I was little. Another idea is to make shape books, like a pumpking shape with orange construction paper for the front and back cover and then blank paper in the middle and stapled on the top or sides. The kids then write Halloween stories in the books. This used to really spark writing with my first graders.