October 04, 2006

Great Organizing Tool

At our September parent meeting our home school co-op focused on organization, always a great topic! I wanted to share some information about a wonderful tool that I heard about called the Desk Apprentice. Apparently it was created by a team on the show The Apprentice. Staples is the only office store that carries it. Since we have no Staples in Las Vegas, I went online and ordered 2 of these things (with free delivery--yay!). I can't wait to get them! I will use one in our home school area for all those floppy books (handwriting, 100 EZ Lessons, Tobin's little workbooks, Charis' math stuff, etc) that don't want to stay up when you take something out of the lineup.

The Desk Apprentice rotates and also has other areas for storage--you can even fit file folders in the middle--and I thought it was a pretty amazing invention, one that is perfect for our home school area as well as our family office space. (I have file folders and papers everywhere right now! I'm hoping this will help me get more organized in my office, too!)

Anyway, just thought I'd share in case anyone else needed some help with organizing materials!


Flogger said...

You just may be right about this item. Looks more useful than I originally grasped on the show when it was created! TFS!!!

Bob & Claire said...

Ahh, this has gotten a lot of attention on the Well-Trained Mind board, but so far I have resisted the lure. I will be interested to know if it really does help you. It sounds wonderful!

Megan said...

I love organization tools, but that thing is huge! I'd need an extra desk just to hold it, I think. :-)