January 04, 2006

A Good Day

I made it out at 5:45 a.m. to run today! Go me! I went maybe 2 1/2 miles. I wore a sweatshirt and sweatpants and was fairly comfortable...a little cool when I was heading into the wind, a little warm when headed away. I managed to be home in 40 minutes, including my warm-up and cool-down...I was really slow, though! I felt like I was just plodding along! It probably didn't help that I had a headache, I think from being dehydrated. I'm trying to concentrate on extra water today.

Our schedule has gone beautifully today. I did a load of linens in between school activities, which went by very quickly. We read a lot this morning, or at least, Tobin and Charis and I did. Arden mostly toddled around talking to himself, pausing to interrupt us now and then only to decide our non-fiction books weren't all that exciting. But the rest of us enjoyed learning about the habitats and habits of various baby animals! The readings were from some little books my mom had gotten for Tobin last Christmas. We did our regular school stuff, too, but I had told him for his school time he could bring me some books, and that's what he chose!

Today I can tell Charis has made an effort to get along better with Tobin, and it showed--all 3 kids played extremely well together after lunch. While they were playing upstairs, I prepped our dinner and put it in the fridge, ready to pop in the oven later on. I even did all the dishes as well! Then, after Arden went down, the kids learned how to change the trash bags in the little wastebaskets--2 for each kid! I did the kitchen trash, and we all hauled everything out to the big waste can in the garage. Yay! They were so proud of themselves. I made them tie the knots (helped Tobin) and put new bags in the baskets, and Tobin was bursting with pride when he came downstairs and announced he had done it. We washed hands and had time for an extra long storytime since today's chores were so quick. (I had done the master bathroom while Tobin and Charis did computer games, right after I laid Arden down.) I feel so productive!! And I am extremely proud of the kids, mostly for getting along so well, but also for the responsibility I see them taking with their chores. On days like this, it feels great to be a mom!

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