January 16, 2006

Four Things

Four Things-

Four Jobs You've Had In Your Life: Data Entry Assistant at Cedarville College's Admissions Office, Career Center Coordinator at Mountain Home High School, English teacher at MHHS, and--the best one yet--stay-at-home mother and Stampin' Up! demonstrator!

Four Movies You Would Watch Over and Over: the Lord of the Rings trilogy; Disney's Miracle; The Princess Bride; the original Star Wars trilogy

Four Places You Have Lived: Texas, Idaho, Ohio, Maryland

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch: We only watch 2 shows, Survivor and Amazing Race! And those have been just in the last couple of years. We do enjoy M*A*S*H and Hogan's Heroes episodes, some of which we have on DVD, so maybe that counts?!

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:
the Inside Passage of Alaska (first Stampin' Up! cruise!), the Western Caribbean (second SU! cruise!), camping in the mountains of Colorado, visiting my dad's mom in New Mexico

Four Websites You Visit Daily: the Stampin' Up! demonstrator web site, mapquest (I'm usually trying to figure out how to get to a hostess's home or a play group site!), comics.com, hmmmm...I can't really think of anything else I daily check, but I do pop on and look at my friends' blogs several times a week.

Four of Your Favorite Foods: I have to echo Claire's answer and say without a doubt, chocolate, and chocolate that includes nuts almost warrants its own 2nd place category, but instead, I will also list my homemade pizza, spaghetti pie, and tacos.

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
in my stamping room, working on our scrapbooks and/or stamping cards; at the family condo in Vail, soaking in a hot tub; at a hostess's home doing a Stampin' Up! party; or curled up in bed with a good book.

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Bob & Claire said...

Well, the Stampin Up! vacations sound wonderful! We're thinking about taking a cruise sometime in the next few years. I would love to go to Alaska, but I don't think Bob would be up for it. Was it as beautiful as it looks to be?