December 22, 2005

Peace on Earth

This afternoon the children were playing outside. (Yes, outside on December 22...winter in Las Vegas is a good thing, unless one is hoping for a white Christmas!) Several times they came bursting into the kitchen to tattle on one another. I finally said, "Look, you guys need to be peacemakers. You need to learn to work things out with one another. Be kind to each other and please stop tattling!"

Awhile later I heard voices through the open window. Charis was shouting at her brothers, "You MUST have peace on earth!" I guess they are taking our words to heart! Plus, the words of the Christmas story that we've been reading daily!!


Jamie said...

I really wish it could be that easy. Maybe Charis will be a diplomat when she grows up. I am sure she has a lot of practice!

Flogger said...

Out of the mouth of babes! We should all take these words to heart!