December 02, 2005

Kid Funnies

I've been wanting to start a notebook with cute things the kids say, but it hasn't happened yet. I thought I'd share a few funnies that have come out of the kids' mouths over the last few days...

Ted, looking at a painting Charis did of our family in which the Daddy figure has three long strands of hair sticking up from his head, observes, "Oh, my, it looks like Daddy has a red mohawk."

Charis, who has no idea what a mohawk is, corrects him: "No, it's orange like Mommy's."

Driving in unfamiliar territory, I spot a Cheesecake Factory. When I murmer "Oh, yum," Tobin asks me what I'm saying. "Oh, I just saw one of my favorite restaurants."

He gasps. "Burger King?!" OK, just 'cuz it makes your top 3 list doesn't mean it's even ON my list of favorites, Sweetie! I think Tobin is just enamoured with the paper crowns he can get from BK.

Wednesday evening Arden had a cold, and I didn't want to put him in the nursery. I took him to the service with me (Ted just started helping with the youth group on Wednesdays), and he was awed by the church experience. I don't believe he has ever been in a service, other than when he was a newborn, and he was fascinated with the music and lights. When the music began, however, he turned to me and said with a very concerned look, "LOUD!" Is this really Ted's son?!

He was also interested in the lights--when they would dim, he would shout, "Lights off!" When they came back up, he informed us, "Lights on!"

The last song we sang, which was during communion, repeated the chorus several times. By now Arden had gotten the hang of things, and with each repetition he looked at me and grinned, "Do it again!" Yup, kiddo, we will do this again several times before all is said and done! Probably more times than your Grandpa K would like, but hey, we're worshipping here!

Last night I took the older 2 kids to a friend's house for a gingerbread-house decorating party. I've never made one before, and I was very excited to share this new experience with the kids. Tobin and Charis had "helped" (or at least watched with oohs and aahs) as I "glued" the house together the day before, and I had been prepping them for our decorating party by explaining what we would be doing. However, at Julie's house Tobin was off in his own little world. I pulled him aside and asked him, "Aren't you going to help us decorate our house?"


"Then why did I bring you?"

His absolutely serious reply: "So I could eat candy!"

And eat candy he did...when he realized Mom was no longer allowing goodies, he discovered the plates in the kitchen with various treats we all brought to share for the decorating. Who knows HOW much sugar the child consumed when I wasn't looking!!

I'll post a picture of our masterpiece after I get around to taking one. It turned out very nice, and Charis at least had a grand time helping me. :-)

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