December 13, 2015

Change of Command

On May 28, 2015, the eighteenth anniversary of Ted's commission as an Air Force officer, he took command of the 20th IS at Offutt AFB. This two-year assignment is an honor, one which he fully deserves (not that I'm biased or anything!), as being chosen as a squadron commander is a highly competitive, selective process. Ted wasn't entirely sure he would even be in the running, but after much prayer and discussion, he decided to open as many doors as possible and trust that God would lead us where He wanted our family next.

It's hard to believe we are already 1/4 of the way through this job! It has been a challenging role to say the least, but one that has Ted utilizing his many gifts and people skills to bring positive change to a really incredible group of folks.

Here's a glimpse of the change of command ceremony, during which the folks at the 20th said goodbye to their former commander and welcomed their new one. We were honored to share the day with special guests, both military and civilian, the latter of whom included Rhonda (Ted's mom), Joel (his brother) and family, my parents, my aunt and uncle, some of my cousins, and mutual friends.

Color Guard

Outgoing commander on the left

National Anthem

Ted accepts command

A few brief remarks

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