November 07, 2015

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

It's a part of military life...having to pick up and start all over. God is so faithful; He has provided amazing friends and communities for us to be part of wherever we move. But it doesn't make saying goodbye any easier. We are reminded that this world is not our home anyway. Thank the Lord we have all eternity to be with our dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

Our last week in Naples was a whirlwind, from our day trip to Capri to the last PWOC meeting, during which the ladies shared testimonies of how they had grown spiritually during the year of Bible study and fellowship, from last-minute meet-ups at the park to one final getaway to downtown Napoli for a double date. Friday morning came all too quickly, when we were saying our final goodbyes and making our last drive to Capodichino to join others waiting to board the military rotator. We thank God for the precious friendships He allowed us to develop during our time in Italy.

Charis and Katie B

PWOC Board retreat in Formia

Emily and Braidyn K will always be Charis's special friends!

Awesome group of homeschool kids at the fine arts recital the day before we left the country. These kids are all amazing...then are their parents!! 

As I was uploading this photo, Zaden informed me that "Caleb is my best friend." These three little boys were nearly inseparable! We are so thankful for the K family and their friendship!

Hope K with Kenna and Kira S

Charis and I love Titti, our dear friend and Italian tutor!

Christian and Connor F with our boys

Gerrit R with our boys

Even though Isaac and Zach are younger than Arden and Tobin, our boys considered them among their best buds!

Jasmine and Faith with Charis. The B family = very special to us!

Princess and Michaela with Kenna

My dear friend Tirzah

Tirzah's boy Sam was one of our boys' best friends also

Tuba and Hannah J, a special young couple, will always be like family to us!

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