March 01, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

For whenever I sit down to do our scrapbook...some day...ages and ages hence...I will continue to report on our family activities from last year!

Our last Thanksgiving in Italy was also the only one for which we were at home. After some discussion amongst friends, we decided that our family would host a big dinner. I think we counted about 39 people altogether, both Americans and Italians. It was so wonderful to share a traditional American meal with Italian friends!

The weather ended up being perfect, which was a relief, since we did have a lot of children running around, lol. The kids always enjoy piling onto the trampoline, so I for one was thankful that it did not rain! We enjoyed good food and wonderful fellowship and had a special time during which Ted spoke a little bit about the origins of the holiday, and then he prayed in English and Nello prayed in Italian. It was a beautiful, memorable Thanksgiving--probably one of my favorites ever! We are so grateful for such wonderful friends.

Charis put together fruit & veggie appetizer platters. They were a hit!

Some of the hubbies.

Titti is our Italian instructor, seated here with her husband Nello.

Titti and Nello's oldest son Vicenzo (left) speaks with a new Italian family we met through Lisa R's family.

Clay and Lauren are good friends from our church--they arrived in Italy about 18 months ago as a missionary family.

We women worked hard to put this spread together!

Thankfully we had an appreciative crowd of hungry people!

Seanin just enjoyed watching the commotion!

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