January 30, 2014

Over Halfway--A Celebration Meal!

Last week we finished our unit study of India using Sonlight's Eastern Hemisphere core. That took us over halfway through the 36 weeks of this curriculum, and since we had "been" in India for quite a long time, we decided a celebration was in order. I had the kids pick a project from the "Choose Your Own Adventure" section of their Eastern Hemisphere notebook pages (we have only done those with the countries we spent more than a week or two on!) to present to the family at the end of the unit.

Charis memorized the first 8 stanzas (translated into English) of a poem by a famous Indian author. Tobin chose to research the Indus Valley civilization and present a report. And Arden decided (after scratching a research project on kites) that cooking was a FANTASTIC option!

It worked out well that Ted was off work on Monday, so we had our big meal at lunchtime since Tobin was going to attend his first Boy Scout meeting with Ted in the evening. It turned out sooooo yummy! We made Chicken Tandoori (recipe from a Sonlight cookbook) and naan (same cookbook), plus hummus for dipping the bread in as well as Indian Potatoes from a recipe I just searched for online. Everything was fabulous! We will definitely make these dishes again!

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Darla Perryman said...

Everything looks yummy! Naan is only made in restaurants so I don't know how to make it. You're one step ahead of me :o) We'll be starting the 1st year of American History when we get back from the states this summer. It'll take us 3 years to do both cores, so we're still a few years away from this one. Hope Charis's research paper turned out well.