March 25, 2013

Zaden at 18 Months

Just a few things I hope I always remember about our sweet boy at this stage of his life...

  • He still sucks his thumb and has callouses on BOTH thumbs.
  • He twirls his hair when he is tired and has on multiple occasions twirled it into a complete knot that can only be solved with a pair of scissors.
  • He loves nap time--he smiles and makes the sign for nap or sleep when we announce it's time.  I've never had a kid nap so easily!
  • When we put him down to sleep, he must have:
    • Fuzzy monkey in one corner of his crib (by his head)
    • Fuzzy bumblebee in the other corner of his crib
    • The windows SHUT (I tried to leave them open one nice day and he was not impressed)
    • His blanket on top of his back, since he is a tummy sleeper
    • And he still enjoys the background noises from his giraffe from Grandma J.
  • When we carry Zaden downstairs, he waves at all the family photos that line the wall, smiling at the people.
  • One of his current favorite activities is toddling around the house holding as many smallish random objects as possible: a wooden block, a wadded up piece of paper, a stray Lego, and a Lincoln log, for example.
  • He isn't speaking much still, but he definitely comprehends a lot.  His "yes" and "no" nods are endearingly definite.
  • Not sure if this is the result of being such a late walker or if it's just part of HIM right now, but he walks like he just got off a horse!
  • He wore a romper yesterday, the first time in shorts since last summer, and oh, my goodness...the pudgy little legs and knees!  Love!
  • He gives kisses now...big, happy, wide-mouthed, wet kisses.  I love them.  I love him!

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