September 19, 2011

A "Normal" Day

Today was the closest to normal that we've had since before Zaden was born!  With no one else here but our own family, and with no place we had to go, I was ready to add a little more homeschool activities to the daily routine in an effort to keep the older kids gainfully occupied.  They've been doing math for a couple of weeks now, and this week we are adding some Language Arts.  Next week, Lord willing, we'll aim to get in some history and science, too!

Zaden and I had a good night, and I was hopeful that our feeding sessions might go better today.  They didn't, but I'm not giving up hope that this too will pass.  I fed him every 2 1/2 hours, since he had a couple of rather long stretches during the night.  I had to use the SNS all day, as he wasn't interested in sucking unless milk was pouring into his mouth easily.  However, he didn't always finish the amount that was in there--I'm not sure if a) he was too sleepy (I did have to work at keeping him awake sometimes) or b) he was transferring more from me and didn't need the full amount or c) he wasn't quite as hungry since the schedule was shortened and he was feeding more frequently.  I'm fairly certain he was getting plenty to eat, though, because during his wakeful periods he was very content!  So, obviously this is all still a work in progress, and the important thing is we're getting calories in him.

So, aside from all the effort of feeding Zaden, here's how our day went...and I must say, I'm rather pleased, considering!

5:30 a.m.  Zaden and I wake; he feeds while I do my quiet time.  Pump; make and drink hot tea; putter around the kitchen doing miscellaneous stuff that needs to be done.

7:30  Lucan, Kenna, and I eat breakfast.

8:00  Feed Zaden/pump.

9:00  Charis, Tobin, and Arden eat breakfast while I read our devotional and we pray.  School commences.  Kids work on math, handwriting, language arts, piano, and chores. 

10:30  Feed Zaden/pump.

11:15  Mix banana muffin batter.  Lunch, given to us yesterday by a friend at church, is heating in the oven. 

12:00  Eat lunch; finish checking schoolwork.  Bake muffins while oven is still hot.

1:00  Feed Zaden.  Put Lucan down for a nap.  Settle older kids with activities to keep them quiet/busy. 

2:15  Put Zaden and myself down for a nap.

4:00  Wake from nap; feed Zaden/pump.

4:30  Friend delivers dinner--hooray!

5:30  Eat yummy dinner (Mexican chicken lettuce wraps and cilantro-lime rice and strawberries--mmm!)

6:15  Answer door--neighbors bring a stinkin' cute pumpkin outfit ("My First Boo") for Zaden and a sinfully delicious concoction from Ritter's...hoo, boy!

6:45  Feed Zaden; family worship time--watch iWorship songs on DVD; discuss The Code from church yesterday; pray.  (Normally we do a weekly family worship time on Sunday evenings, but yesterday was the church picnic.)

7:30  Eat sinfully delicious dessert from Ritter's.  (Well, part of it...we may be eating on this for awhile!)

8:00  Put Lucan and Kenna to bed.

8:20  Pump while reading a chapter from Love's Long Journey with Charis.

8:45  Play a game of chess with Arden.

9:15  Tuck older kids in bed, promising Tobin I'll spend one-on-one time with him tomorrow.

9:30  Update blog.

10:00 Feed Zaden and go to bed!

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