July 30, 2011

VBS, Free Time, and Another Week Down

Our church had its VBS last week from 9 a.m. to noon.  All the kids except Lucan were able to go, plus we took Justin, a friend of the boys, along as well.  Mornings were a bit hectic, since the only one to wake up on his own was Lucan...after hollering at the older kids for their last chance at breakfast, it was time for the frenzied beginning to our days.

The VBS was very well done, and I am so very thankful for all those who volunteered to make it work!  Some days there were 200 kids there, and I know I could not have handled being part of the chaos!  The kids had a great time, and Lucan and I enjoyed some extra one-on-one time.  I didn't plan my week super well, but I do feel I made fairly good use of my 3 hours with only one child.  Here's what Lucan and I did:

* Monday:  Shopped at Sam's Club and Kroger; put away groceries; got to squeeze in a phone call with my long-distance friend Joy.

* Tuesday:  Went to two farms to pick up fresh eggs and milk; came home to put them away and make muffins.

* Wednesday:  Fun day!  I decided NOT to do errands.  Took Lucan and a bag of books to the park (books for me to read, that is), then realized that I had to go potty, and we were at a park with no public restrooms.  Sigh.  Made a dash for home, where I figured I might as well start some laundry before heading out again!  But we did go back to the park (swinging by McD's for me to get a latte), where Lucan happily played before we did ONE errand--to the Christian bookstore to buy the book Radical, which Ted and I plan to read through together, and to buy a little stuffed Larry to go with Lucan's little stuffed Bob. :-)

* Thursday:  To base to pick up Arden's prescription and do a bit of shopping at the BX and commissary, then home to put everything away and start some chicken broth/kitchen work.

* Friday:  HOME during the morning...I packed a picnic lunch, Skyped with Ted a bit, and made sure the house was picked up (the kids did most of the picking up Thursday night, but Lucan tends to undo everything) to prepare for two WONDERFUL women who came to clean bathrooms and take care of the main floor of the house while we were out for the afternoon!

After VBS was all finished on Friday, we headed to the pool where the kids had swimming lessons.  (I can hardly believe it's been nearly a month!)  We met Justin's mom, my friend Stefanie, and her older kids, Jonathan and Jessica, there at the pool.  It was a great day--nice and hot for swimming, but with our seats in the shade, it wasn't bad sitting out.  Lucan LOVED the baby pool area, and everyone had such a good time that we stayed for about 4 hours.  We took the little ones into the big pool, and it was very refreshing!  Lucan was attached to Jessica, not even acknowledging that I was nearby, but I suppose he had gotten his fill of Mommy during the week, LOL.

By the time we got home, as you can imagine, everyone was pretty wiped out!  The house was shiny and clean (woohoo!), and the kids scattered to do whatever, leaving the downstairs area pretty quiet!  I gave Lucan a separate dinner while the kids watched Looney Tunes--that helped him feel that he was getting in on "movie night," and then we put him to bed and enjoyed Papa John's pizza with our movie.  Everyone slept quite well last night--no surprise!  It was a big week for everyone!

Today has been a quiet day at home, catching up on laundry and the Bible Bee studies we missed the last couple of days.  I am very proud of the kids for all they have accomplished so far!  Only 4 more weeks until the Local Bible Bee!

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