December 19, 2010

More Random Stuff

Yay!  Another busy weekend is OVER!  It was way fun, with a lot of very different but great activities, but I have to confess that I am happy to put the bustle behind me and truly concentrate on getting our home and family ready for Christmas Day.

Friday morning I hosted 6 of my local downline members for a holiday brunch.  It was a potluck, and I made cheesy hashbrown potatoes and a kale fritatta.  We brainstormed ways to improve our stamp camps, having had our last one in November and learning the hard way that our projects were WAY overboard!  I'm excited about the changes we've come up with, and I'm actually looking forward to planning another one for March--not something you would have heard me say a month ago!  After our business planning, we did a handmade gift exchange, played some games, and just enjoyed one another's company.

Friday evening our family hosted our once-a-month family community.  We shared pizza and lots of Christmas goodies and had the biggest white elephant gift exchange I think I have ever been a part of!  There were 28 gifts, and only a couple were stolen--Arden's holey socks were not one of those, LOL.  Another fun gathering.

Saturday morning we all herded over to church for Kids' Street Live rehearsal.  Ted and I just love being a part of this ministry and are excited that this will be happening monthly starting in February rather than every other month.  We have a blast with the team involved--it's so fun that we almost feel guilty calling it ministry!

After we were finished, I took off on my own to grab some lunch and do our grocery shopping for the next 2 1/2 weeks or so.  I did make a little side trip to get one more Christmas present for my hubby, but he'll have to wait to find out what it is, LOL!  In the evening Charis and I went to the cast & crew party from her play, which finished last weekend.  I actually enjoyed it, though I hardly knew anyone there.  The kids involved in the production are fantastic, and they all adored Charis.  (Well, the girls...I can't speak for the boys, LOL.)  They all gave her hugs and told her how cute she looked, etc.  I enjoyed getting to know them a little better, and it makes me excited for the relationship we can have with our own kids and their friends as they get older and start to do these "hang out" kinds of things.  (Boy, do I feel old even saying that!!)  We only stayed about half of the time (it was a 4-hour time slot), as we had planned to have a movie night as a family.

So, back at home, we all piled on the couch (minus Lucan, of course, who was in bed) and watched Legend of the Guardians, the movie based on the book series we have been reading.  It was pretty well done; we all enjoyed it, and we agreed that they kept the flavor of the storyline, even though there were some major changes.  (There had to be--they crammed 3 of the 15 books into one movie!)

Today we were at church all morning to rehearse and then run the Kids' Street Live program, then stayed for the second service.  Ted and I decided we deserved a break, and we surprised the kids and took them to Red Robin for lunch.  It has been a LONG time since we went out to eat as a family!  (Chick-Fil-A doesn't count, LOL!)  Lucan was very well behaved and had a ball just looking around at everything.  Kenna made two potty trips during our meal, but other than that, there were no weird incidents--just a nice family outing.  Whew!

We had about 2 hours at home, and then I hosted 5 ladies for a hostess appreciation party.  We made a fun project and chatted together, a nice way to finish my 2010 business year.

Aaaaaaand now, all my events are OVER!!!  We have Grandma J's visit to look forward to--she'll fly in on Christmas Day and stay a week.  Now it's time to cuddle up with my hubby, enjoy some snacks, and watch the Survivor finale and reunion!!

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