August 23, 2008

Stampin' Up! Convention

So, a quick recap of the Stampin’ Up! Convention, which was in Salt Lake City a few weeks ago. Ted, my wonderful, amazing husband, took leave to stay with the kids so I could go and do my thing, and I am so glad I could! My LV friend and downline Heather went with me, so it was fun to have a traveling buddy this year.

We arrived in SLC on Tuesday, July 29, and met up with our roomies, my upline and dear friend Mimi and another dear friend Monica, whom I met in Maryland. We settled into our hotel and had a late lunch/early dinner at P.F. Chang’s and enjoyed relaxing and chatting that evening while finishing swaps, etc.

Wednesday was check-in and tour day. I was thrilled to find out that Mimi and I both made it into Founder’s Circle, which includes the top 100 demonstrators in the company! Mimi has been honored multiple times before, but this was my first time, and when my Service Account Manager put “The Bag” on the counter in front of me (Founder’s Circle achievers receive a special bag), I about fell over from shock! Much shrieking and crying ensued! What an honor.

Later that day we went to Riverton to tour the home office, which I had done a few years ago, but it was still neat to see. That evening we met up with other friends, including my friend Erin and some gals in her group. Erin and I signed up at about the same time when we were stationed in Idaho, and it’s always fun to get together again. We ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant and then browsed some shops. Monica and Heather became my shopping consultants, as I decided I needed something a little nicer for Awards Night the following evening than what I had brought! They found a great deal for me, and since the belt loop was missing on one side of the dress (not that you could tell), the manager even reduced it I walked out of Coldwater Creek with a $100 dress that I only paid $18 for!! Not bad!

Our first day of Convention was exciting, and the Awards Night that evening was kind of a blur for me. I’ve walked across the stage before for earning incentive trips, reaching $20K in sales, or having recruits promote, but I’ve NEVER had my name on the screen and walked up for a specific spot in Founder’s Circle! It was like a fairy tale! As it turned out, though I was expecting to be #100 out of 100, I was actually #93. :-) Mimi was #68!

So what does one “get” for being in Founder’s? First of all, there is an all-expenses paid retreat. This year the retreat is to St. George, Utah, which happens to be just 90 miles away from Las Vegas! But it’s sure to be a spectacular treat, from what I hear, as they spoil and pamper all those who go. I’m so excited that Mimi and I will get to go together! The trip is in September, and Ted is once again willing to take leave so I can go and play! (Thanks, Honey!!! I love you!!!) Also, I of course received the fabulous bag pictured above, and I got a $250 cash bonus. The closer you are to #1, the higher the cash bonus. Demonstrators #76-100 all got the same amount, #51-75 got $500, and it goes up from there. The highest amount is $25,000!

This is getting kind of long...the rest of Convention was just as wonderful...lots of great announcements and ideas and time to fellowship with my friends. Friday evening Mimi and I, with the help of a number of other gals in our group, put on a meeting for our whole group, over 40 people! It was so much fun, and I’m amazed at all the training and ideas that were packed into a 3-hour time period. The following evening we had another pow-wow session, an informal Q&A time for those gals who are more business-oriented and wanted to talk more about building their Stampin’ Up! businesses. I’m really excited to see what happens this coming year for them!

So, all in all, it was a wonderful trip. As usual, I came home and had to jump back into normal life, so I feel I didn’t really process everything...I haven’t even set up my goals officially for this coming year! But I did get a great start already, as my new catalog open house was a grand success, and I’m eager to see what the year brings for my family as God continues to grow this business.


Debi said...


you look so beautiful in that black and white dress!! Congrats again.



Bob and Claire said...

That sounds so fun!! Congratulations!!!!! How exciting, and the retreat sounds like a dream!