September 04, 2006

Home Again

So, there you have it! A (probably) more-detailed-than-necessary description of our trip to Hungary! Our journey home was rather uneventful, and we were more tired than I can say by the time we finally made it to our own beds, but it felt so good to be HOME. The kids were in bed, but we went in and tucked them in anyway. Arden was conked out, but the older two were awake and grinning from ear to ear to see us and give us big squeezes.

I'm so thankful for my mom and my cousin Sarah...without them being here, we never would have been able to take such a special trip. From what we heard, all went well (for the most part!) with the kids, who are still talking about the fun times they had with Grandma and Sarah!

We took the next week to relax and enjoy being together as a family, trying to settle back into some sort of routine. I had my first OB appointment and heard the baby's heartbeat, so that was definitely a relief. (I've been feeling movements for several weeks now, so I wasn't exactly worried...but still, there's something comforting about getting a tangible number--160 beats per minute--to "prove" the baby is there and doing all right.)

Now we are getting ready to start our first week of school! I know today is Labor Day, but for the J family, it is also the first DAY of school! Hey, the kids don't know any better. :-) We're doing a theme schedule this year with the Sonlight materials we already have...Charis will continue in her first grade math and handwriting books, and our schedule suggests additional books from the library, so we have a lot of new material as well as the "old" stuff that we went through last year. But since I'm including Tobin specifically in our school schedule, plus the fact that Arden is older and more willing to sit through the readings, I think it will benefit all of us to go through those great books again. In the spring, after the baby is born, we'll be prepared to move on to the next Sonlight Core.

So, now that I'm caught up on our blog, I'll be able to return to chronicling the everyday events of our household, a fascinating running account that I'm sure will keep you on the edge of your seat. ;-)


Bob & Claire said...

I really enjoyed reading all your trip posts--I know it took a lot of time to type all of your thoughts and post the pictures, but they were so neat. I'm so glad you took the time (and before it all got too fuzzy in your mind!). And I'm glad you're safe back home again too, with your precious children. I know how thrilled you were to see them again! Great news about the heartbeat--praise the Lord! : )

Beverly said...

Thanks! I'm glad I blogged the details, too...even if it's too much for friends/family to wade through, when it comes time to work on the scrapbook, at least I have most of the journaling done! :-)