July 18, 2006

Hooray for Arden!

Today, July 18, 2006, Arden has successfully peed in the potty a grand total of 5 times PLUS pooped in the potty twice! M&Ms are flowing freely around here, although I must say that my excitement at his first poop in the potty was tempered by the fact that he did it without my knowing it, and in his haste to tell me about his accomplishment, he stood up, unaware that poop was falling from his little butt and dropping onto his leg and foot, and proceeded to track it onto the carpet in the family room. Yikes!

Ah, well. Such are the joys of potty training! I'm just so proud of him and excited that he seems to be getting it all at once, just like Tobin did. It was a long, drawn-out process with Charis, but once Tobin decided he wanted to use the potty, he just up and did it, with very few accidents. It looks like Arden will be the same way.

Uh, oh...he just ran in to tell me he pooped again. I think he is to the point where he will pop some vessels trying to produce poop for the potty because he gets FIVE M&Ms for doing so! Better go make sure he hasn't made more tracks!!


Megan said...

Yay, Arden! We are trying to potty train around here, and we are making good progress with the pooping, however Sela doesn't think to tell us BEFORE she has to pee but announces it within seconds of going in her diaper. She announced very proudly at my mom's big 4th of July invite-everyone-we-know BBQ, "I peed!" We give out Necco Wafers (one for pee, two for poop) plus five pennies ("equity" she calls it) for poop. We even have an elephant "piggy" bank in the bathroom.

Bob & Claire said...

Way to go, Arden! Those first few days of potty-training are always so messy! Jonathan just yesterday asked for 2 Skittles after pooping--No! Didn't he read the memo?! That offer is DONE! LOL!

Sarah said...

Ah, yes! The joys we moms get to experience. It's such a paradox. Excitement abounds at poop in the potty and thoughts of never having to spend $15 for a package of diapers again. But that feeling is then tempered by having to buy some good carpet cleaner/odor eliminator, scrubbing the floor, washing down bottoms, etc. :)
Keep up the good work, Arden!